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How to clean your Chopping Board

Wooden chopping boards are great tools and somewhat better than their plastic counterparts. However, they both get a build up of grime and bacteria over time so both need cleaning very well. Chopping raw meat, cooked meat, chillies and other such foodstuffs can either be dangerous or taint your chopping board, especially if you do all your chopping on the one side. Sometimes just washing it up isn't enough. Bleach is usually a good bacteria  killer, but i don't like the sound of that on my food preparation equipment, do you?

For an extra clean I usually use lemon juice, let it soak on the board for a while, then scrub it with a stiff brush. If I'm feeling extra zealous I'll add some salt to the mix, this will provide some good abrasion. Lemon juice and salt are after all excellent cleaning agents when used together. This is a natural and "eco" way to clean your chopping board.

This method is also very good for removing any stains on your board, and also helps to deodorise, especially after the chilli chopping. If you like, you then finish with a coating of vegetable or olive oil across the board, this will help to protect it from the next round of food stains.