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Fish and Chips to clean my windows?

At last a break in the weather, well, at least temporarily. A few days I actually saw the sun. As I looked out of my window across the garden, I suddenly became aware of how absolutely filthy my windows were. They are usually clean, or perhaps they just look clean while it's raining, but the angle of the sun on the glass certainly exposed the grime. It might be six months since I last cleaned them!

I grabbed my window cleaning kit consisting of bucket with warm soapy water, sponge, leather, glass cleaner and cloth, and set about the job. 15 minutes later with a soaking arm and sleeve (tsk), the job was done. I went back inside and looked out. It was a terrible job, the window was covered in smears and streaks, almost like I'd applied car polish and not rubbed it off. Another 15 minutes later I had done it again, this time used more glass cleaner and much more rubbing and polishing off, and with different cloths. On the second inspection it was just as bad.

I set about looking for a solution on-line and I was surprised to see so many  people having the same problem. Then I came across this article

Of course! when I saw mention of vinegar on windows I thought of my grandfather. At one point in his life he had been a window cleaner, and was well known for his skill in cleaning them. I then remembered what he used to say about cleaning windows, and that he used vinegar to finish them off and old newspaper to dry the window rather than a cloth. Then he would tell me if he had a fish and chip lunch he could clean the next two houses windows with the vinegar soaked newspaper from lunch! Yes I know he was joking, but when I was eight I wasn't too sure.

I decided to prove a point so I set about the window again, with a bit of vinegar and yes some old newspaper, came back in and inspected. It was perfect and the glass looked like it was brand new, Grandad knew what he was doing. I wonder if he ever did use his vinegar soaked newspaper from lunch....