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Holiday gripes

Last year we managed to get a short holiday in, which overall was great, apart from one disaster. I'm thinking of trying to get another holiday in this year but it put me in mind of last years fiasco, and other gripes I've experienced before as well. Last year I found a cheap car hire company, and they were really pretty cheap, don't get me wrong, they were a large national company with a super new fleet of vehicles. Good car cheap price - perfect. Arrived at the airport after a 3 hour flight, where I was to collect the car - and don't forget the several hours travelling to and waiting at the departure airport. We collected our cases and made our way to the car hire desks, all of which were empty except one with a huge queue - yes that was my car hire company. There must have been 50 families with trolleys and cases and exhausted children, versus 2 car hire staff. We stood there for two and half hours before it was our turn to complete the paperwork and get the car. It was horrendous. This meant we didn't leave the airport until 10.30 pm, and with a one hour drive to the destination it was too late to get  any food when we finally arrived. In truth we did save about € 80.00 on the weeks car hire, but was it worth it?

Definitely not.

If we do manage a holiday this year, I'll be using another company. This may not be the biggest holiday horror ever, but when I said to the car hire staff " is it always like this ", he replied " oh yes, but tonight is not quite so busy " - so clearly they knew to expect this number of customers but still wouldn't put on any more than the usual two staff!

What annoys you about holidays? early breakfast times, strange check in times at hotels, on-line check ins with flight companies that don't seem to make any difference, hidden fees, dirty rooms, or even a case of the holiday gripes? Let us know.