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Maldives? What load of rubbish!

I recently became interested in the Maldives after seeing a tv program about some of the issues they face and the hidden side of these islands. We all think of the Maldives as the utopian tropical paradise, beautiful weather, heavenly beaches and unspoilt seas. Thousands of lucky tourists venture there every year. But of course all these tourists bring and create rubbish in their thousands of tons. How can these small and pristine islands ever cope with this onslaught? At the moment the fact is they can't. Take a look at this shocking video, something you never see in the brochures or on the holiday websites. What can be done about this, obviously you can't stop tourists going, that would hurt us and the islands inhabitants. Perhaps an extra tax on visitors to help clean up after them. One thing is for sure, the Maldives need help in one form or another. As part of our planet we need to preserve the Maldives and stop them sinking into the sparkling waves - not from global warming and rising sea levels, but from the weight of the rubbish amassing there. The toxic content of much of the rubbish seeping into the seas is killing coral reefs and marine life already.

The prime example here is Thilafushi Island - this is tragedy that awaits all of us everywhere unless we come up with sustainable solutions to our rubbish problems.

What do you think should be done?