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How to clean off chewing gum

I recently took my son to the local park to play with his friends, a couple of us mothers had arranged to meet and we sat down around some picnic tables - the wooden kind with attached benches each side. I was wearing a track suit, just in case I had to get involved in the fun and games. When I stood up, one of the mothers pointed out I had sat in something, it was chewing gum.

I was horrified as I knew this was going to be a problem, it would probably ruin my track suit and I'd only worn it twice. I started picking at it and trying to pull it off, but to no avail. Then one of the mothers told me to stop and leave it alone, It would never come out like that. So I said what should I do then, I can't just leave it there. She said it's easy, when you go home just put your track suit in the freezer and wait till the chewing gum freezes properly, then try to pull it off and if that doesn't work try chipping it off with some pointed scissors or a blunt knife. I did this and followed her instructions.

Fair enough, most of it came off, but it wasn't perfect, and as the tracksuit was dark blue and the chewing gum white, it still showed. I read around for other methods, by now I was on a mission. Next I tried some coconut oil, gently melted into a liquid, I spooned some onto the gum, left for a minute or two and then gently scraped with an old toothbrush. This worked surprisingly well and got most of the rest of it out. But looking carefully at it you could still see some gum left in the weave of the fabric. The final thing I tried was placing some cardboard on my ironing board, setting my iron to medium and heating the affected area with the iron. The chewing gum has to be face down facing the cardboard. The idea is that the warm gum prefers to stick to the cardboard that the garment. This did the trick and all trace of the gum was removed, tracksuit to the wash and all came up as new.

Ok it was a bit of a fuss and mush more work than I expected, but it felt great to finally beat the chewing gum!