Cleaning Tips For Belfast

How to clean stains from clothes

We've all done it, spilled some chocolate or ice-cream or other fatty or colourfully died foodstuff on our clothes, usually our favourite item. This usually might result in reaching for the super expensive top brand stain removers on the market. True, this might well work.

However, if you can get to the stain quick enough, try some washing up liquid and little water. The washing up liquid is great for lifting grease and fat and can be as cheap as chips. It's the grease and colouring that cause the staining. Carefully rub the area and rinse and make ready the washing machine. Chances are if you were quick enough, the stain will be gone. I have also been told that grease stains can be lifted out of clothes by using cola, I haven't used this personally as I fear the cola will itself cause staining, but maybe I'll try it one day on some old garments.