Cleaning Tips For Belfast

How to clean up glitter spills

Kids just love it, glitter, that irresistible sparkly stuff that changes cardboard from an everyday dull item into a magical drawing of a world of fairies and unicorns. It's all great…. until afterwards. How a small amount of glitter can cover the ground floor of a house I just don't know, but it get's blown around, walked around and dropped off clothes into every area. Any attempt to clean it up with a vacuum cleaner or brush seems to spread it further away, it really is fairy dust.

Having been through this scenario a fair few times now I have learnt how to get hold of the pesky stuff. I first tried a wet cloth, this works ok to an extent on a table top or hard floor, but pretty much as soon as you have used the cloth its full of glitter, and after the optimal moment it will start depositing as well as wiping, thus spreading the glitter about. It also doesn't work very well on carpets or clothes. Next thing I tried was sticky tape either rolled into ball or wrapped round my hand, sticky side out, this isn’t bad, but when used on clothes or carpet the sticky tape also has a habit of picking up the dust a fibres as well. That's fine but the tape soon gets totally loaded with stuff other than the glitter and it loses its stick very quickly, meaning you need quite a lot of it to get all that glitter up.

Best solution I have found is actually a ball of play dough!! The dough is great for picking up glitter, it's more sticky than you might think. So why is this so good and better than sticky tape, surely the play dough also picks up dust and fibres loading it up until it's got no stick left? Absolutely true, but the thing about the play dough is that once one surface side is loaded and ruined you just re-roll it in your hand to get a new clean surface ready for glitter picking over and over and over again.