Cleaning Tips For Belfast

How to clean your device screen

These days screens are everywhere, pcs, tablets, laptops, phones, watches, washing machines, fridges, even some tv remote controls. We're constantly touching touching and touching – and of course all this touching, sliding, swiping and scrolling leaves filthy greasy marks all over the screens and we don't clean them nearly enough. The big problem is you shouldn't really get them wet, you can't put them in a bucket of water or add them to the washing up.

There's probably not too many about these days but if you have big old tv that's 2 feet thick or an old CRT computer monitor, chances are those screens are solid glass and can take a good hammering with cleaning, not literally! Screens like those can be cleaned easily with dusters and standard cloths with glass cleaner or whatever your preferred choice of glass cleaner is ( vinegar is great ).

But what about those touch screens on our phones and tablets etc. This is where things get more tricky. Some of us use protective covers to some degree over the actual screen, this saves the expensive screen from getting scratched and helps save it when we drop it or sit on it. Touch screen are sensitive pieces of equipment and you can damage them just cleaning a pair of reading glasses with sand paper. However, reading glasses are a good example of how to clean these screens.

One should remove any dust and dirt with a microfibre cloth first, the microfibre cloth has such tiny strands of material in it that they can be safely used without causing any scratching. Once that's done, use a glasses cleaning wipe to run across the screen. These are we use for our reading glasses, they usually come in individual sachets, are moist with a volatile liquid and safe to use on delicate surfaces like screens and glasses. This provides the moisture to lift off any stubborn dirt and grease, and usually the residue liquid on the screen will simply evaporate afterwards. When the screen is dry again, another wipe over with a microfibre cloth and you're good to go. One last thing, you can get anti-bacterial versions of the moist wipes which I would thoroughly recommend for phones and tablets.