Cleaning Tips For Belfast

How to clean your oven racks

Oven racks must be one of the worst things in the house to clean, probably along with blinds, especially the venetian sort. The problem with oven racks is their size and shape. They are often too big to fit in your kitchen sink, they are usually covered in hard baked on food, and they way they are welded together make cleaning certain parts of them where bars join almost impossible. If attempting a rack scrubbing session in the kitchen sink, be prepared to stand there for a good while until your arms can take no more, and prepare to be satisfied with part cleaned racks at the end of it.

I have been using a much easier method for some time now. I put mine in the bath and leave them to soak over night. I add enough hot water to cover them, some washing up liquid and a little biological washing powder I might use in the washing machine for clothes. When I get them out the next morning I put them straight back in the kitchen sink and scrub gently away removing any final debris with ease. It's important to get them into the kitchen sink quickly, so that they don't dry out on the way and all the all the good work is undone - so make your kitchen sink already has the hot water etc in it.

However, the last couple of times I've cleaned them I tried something else. Earlier in the year my husband was cleaning our patio area with a pressure washer, it brought them up like new. This gave me an idea – how about pressure washing the racks. I didn't really want to put them on the grass or driveway so I got an old towel and put the rack on that. Then I blasted it with the pressure washer. Wow, the washer gets into all the nooks and crannies and the job is done in minutes rather than waiting ten or twelve hours for a soak. Give it a go.

I must suggest anyone using a pressure washer should be extremely careful especially when jetting near your feet.