Cleaning Tips For Belfast

How to clean your pans with tin foil

Tin foil is amazing stuff and has so many useful properties. It's incredible to think some metal can be made so thin and have so many uses. Most of us use it to wrap food up for the fridge or a sandwich for lunch. The wrapping keeps the smells out of the fridge and helps keep the food fresher and protected.

Usually it has one use and is then thrown in the bin. These days we all have to be careful about once use items we simply discard after use, beit tin foil or plastics – we all need this planet and we all have to live on it. Once you have some tin foil that’s finished it's job and is ready for the bin, don't throw it away, keep it somewhere like a kitchen drawer, or use it again for the same purpose, assuming it hasn't become soiled or covered in the food it was protecting.

Next time you have some very unpleasantly burnt pans or pans with caked on food, reach for some old tin foil, scrunch it into a ball and then scrub away at the pan. It's as good as a scourer, in some ways better as scourers can deteriorate and break up very quickly. The tiny fibres can become dislodged and if your eyesight isn't too good when washing up, you won't notice the tiny metal strands and fibres covering your nice clean plates and forks. Yes don't forget to give those a good rinse when using a scourer, the tin foil has no such issues, and should any tears occur the pieces will be large enough to see and not microscopic.