Cleaning Tips For Belfast

How to clean your shower head

If you live in a hard water area, meaning your water is full of calcium which builds up and produces limescale, then most likely your shower heads and taps are also effected to some degree. Kettles, washing machine and dish washers are affected by this stuff, unless you have some sort of purifying system in place which basically helps to filter all the water coming into your house at the mains point. Out of all the items in your home, you probably notice it most in the shower - when two jet holes stop working, or a jet decides it will now shoot out to the left rather than straight down – these are the effects of limescale.

If you have a shower in your house most likely it will be either hard fixed to the wall or on a flexy pipe, allowing you to lift it from its holder and put the shower head where you want it. These type of heads are easily replacable and can just be unscrewed from their flexy pipe.

For the unscrewable shower head you can easily descale it by placing it face down into a saucer ( or other suitable container that fits ) of vinegar or slightly diluted vinegar for a few hours or overnight – depending how bad the limescale is. Later on, rinse the shower head through and all jets should be free of scale and water pointing where it should be. The fixed head ones are more tricky. You could get a plumber in to remove the head or pipe work and then do the same as you would to the screwable head, but this would be expensive and just silly! So what's the solution – find a plastic bag big enough to fit over the fixed shower head, then put your vinegar solution into the bag. Place the bag over the shower head and tie with string or freezer ties to secure the bag in place. The shower head should now be sitting in the solution. Leave for a few hours or overnight, remove the bag of vinegar solution and run water through the shower to clear any debris and remaining vinegar.

* Note – shower heads can be made of various materials from plastic to chrome to metal - I strongly advise anyone doing this to try the vinegar solution on a small less obvious area of the shower head, to make sure no ill effects occur like tarnishing to the surface.