Cleaning Tips For Belfast

How to clean your silver

Silver has an inherent problem with cleaning in so far as if you do not look after it and constantly keep it clean, it can get very dirty and tarnish. Sometimes the item or jewellery can end up almost black and covered in a layer of grease. There are many ways to clean silver and over the years people have experimented with hundreds of products from lemon juice to specialist cleaners to even things like tomato ketchup, chalk and hair conditioner.

For me, these claims are not worth the risk. I have a silver tea pot, inherited from an aunt and a silver crucifix necklace, not worth much but of great sentimental value – I wouldn't want to risk hurting these items. I have found that a little non abrasive toothpaste is fantastic, or I might soak the silver in some warm water with some washing powder, just for a minute or two. I little buffing with a dry cloth and they're like new. Try not to leave them too long in between cleans as when the tarnish appears it can be a devil to get rid of and require much more scrubbing.