Cleaning Tips For Belfast

How to clean your toilet

Well this sounds silly doesn't it? We all know how to clean a toilet, use a toilet brush and bleach, probably a strong thick bleach. However, a friend of mine was telling me about some alternatives she'd been trying as she hated the smell of bleach. One thing she tried was cola, she empties a can of it into the toilet bowl and leaves it over night, then gives it brush round in the morning and a flush, and it comes up sparkling. The other and I suspect more common alternative, is baking soda, same method as the cola. I'm not 100% convinced byt the soda, although I'm sure this will help the pipes stay cleaner, but can it really kill those toilet germs. Cola is a strange product, original invented for its medicinal properties, it has many uses today, and is a powerful liquid. A doctor once advised me to stir it flat and drink cola while recovering from food poisoning. If you drop a tooth into cola you will see it eaten away within a day or two. It's potent stuff and so I assume it does have some cleaning properties – although does it really have those germ killing properties of bleach.

I think all I can say if you really can't stand the smell of bleach or it upsets your chest, the cola and soda methods could well be an alternative for you.