Cleaning Tips For Belfast

How to clean your wooden furniture

This a bug bear I'm often asked about, and it is a tricky one. There's wooden furniture and wooden furniture. Many of us with modern recently bought furniture or flat pack items usually assume it's made of wood. When we say made of wood, yes it is made of wood, but it's not the solid oak welsh dresser or sideboard that our grandparents would have been used to. Todays furniture is cheap and mass produced, often mdf or formica covered chip board. It's wood but not as we know it.

This makes a difference in how we clean it – what is it we are cleaning, wood or formica, a plastic coated wooden covering? If you're sure what the surface is you're dealing with, and it's actual real wood then there are various options. A French polisher can come in at great expense, repair and dye your wood - if your furniture item is really old and damaged this may be the best option. Or you can buy some specialist cleaning polish or wax for the wood. However, old wooden furniture of ten suffers from dryness. Wood can dry out over the years, especially if placed in a warm house or next to a radiator. This can cause cracking and deterioration of the wood. A great tip and cheap one too, is to clean it up with some olive oil, it produces a nice shine and nourishes the wood. Most people these days have some olive oil in their kitchens, try some on your wood and see what a great effect you can get, before you go to the expense of a French polisher or specialist cleaning product.