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How make your drawers slide nicely

One of the little annoyances in life are drawers that won't slide nicely. They seem to stick and then need all sorts of pushing and pulling and rocking about to make them close. The last time I moved house I decided to address this problem, when drawers were all out of the chest and I had easy access to deal with it.

The solution to this problem is a little more tricky than I first imagined. I had read that you simply rub some Vaseline along the drawer runners and hey presto. I did this, and for a few weeks the problem was cured, but then gradually came back again. The problem is this, it depends on what your drawers are made of. If you have new modern furniture, perhaps flatpack or formica covered chipboard on metal or plastic runners, the Vaseline will be fine, but if like me you have a chest of drawers that is actually old fashioned and made of proper wood the Vaseline has a short life.

This is because the wood which dries out over the years and becomes thirsty for moisture eventually soaks up the Vaseline, leaving you back in the original position of sticking drawers. For real wood draw systems like this I found that rubbing a candle across the runners is far better. You need not apply a huge amount of it, and this doesn't mean lighting a candle and melting the wax then dripping it onto the runners – no, this means just take a cold unlit candle and rub the bottom of across the runners. Some wax will stay on the runners and give you a nice smooth glide, the effect is like taking away the friction of two pieces of wood rubbing against each other. This method won't last forever, but surely a lot longer than putting Vaseline on.