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How to sharpen your scissors

One of the most annoying things for me in the kitchen is blunt scissors. We all them use them every day for anything and everything. Certainly one of the most undervalued and overused items in the kitchen. We use the for everything, and usually the wrong things, from forcing open a can that went wrong with the tin opener, to cutting cardboard and wrapping paper. All these things are really bad for scissors, particularly paper, this blunts scissors in no time all, rendering them useless and more a squeezer than a cutter next time you come use them.

The answer is of course to sharpen them, but scissors aren't easy to sharpen as we all know. Difficult to place into a sharpener, difficult to find the correct angle and awkward to make a good stroke through the sharpener.

Fear not, there is help at hand, it's the old tin foil again, not only is old tin foil useful for clean badly burnt pots and pans but also brilliant for sharpening scissors. Some people simply rub the blades with a scrunched up ball of foil, but even simpler is you just cut the foil up with the scissors, the action of cutting the foil sharpens the blades incredibly well. I must admit I don't actually understand how this process works, but works it does. Give it a try.