Why Cleaning Belfast

Since 2003 we have prided ourselves on providing a top quality, professional service. We listen to our client’s requirements and ensure they're met with the best price and service. Our bank of cleaners covers the Greater Belfast Area, and most of County Down and County Antrim. If you do happen to live in a remote location, we will still endeavour to find someone close by. Finding a domestic cleaner yourself can be a time consuming, expensive and frustrating task. We visit you in your home to discuss your needs as soon as possible, and will use our database to find a suitable cleaner for your individual requirements.

Our service makes it easy for you to meet your cleaner before cleaning begins, and to change your cleaner if things aren't working out. It also means that if a cleaner is sick or on holiday we'll endeavour to find you a temporary cleaner as quickly as possible.

Personal Service

At Cleaning Belfast we understand you don't want to see a parade of new faces coming to clean your house every time you answer the door. Its important that our clients are happy with their cleaner, so we always aim to ensure that the same cleaner comes to you every time. That way trust and rapport can be built up between you and your cleaner, and your cleaner gets to know exactly how you like things done. All our cleaners are rigorously vetted by us - we would only introduce a cleaner to you that we would be happy to have cleaning in our home.

Cleaning Products

A lot of cleaning companies will tend to use the cheapest cleaning products and materials they can find. Our view and our clients view is that they would rather have their own choice of cleaning products used. Products they feel comfortable with and trust, ranges of products with a particular ecological or ethical bias, or even products safe from causing illness or allergy to them. Your cleaner will only use your products in the house, so they are exactly the ones you want.

Cleaning Equipment

We realised a long time ago that when cleaners take their own cleaning equipment about from house to house, day after day - cloths, wipes, mops and vacuum cleaners etc may have been used in numerous other cleans. Cleaning companies usually won't have time to clean their equipment or bring out new equipment for every clean they do. We think this is unhygienic and has potential for contamination and spreading of bacteria. Our clients like to know which cloth is used where, how old it is, what it was used for last, and the same for the mop and vacuum cleaner. Your cleaner always uses your own personal equipment, so you have the peace of mind in knowing your clean has been done in a safe, hygienic way, within your control.

Price Advantage

Our business model is highly efficient and has been honed over many years. We keep our costs low, which means we can pass savings directly onto our clients. Cleaning Belfast not only saves you time but also money!